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Thank you for visiting our site. We know there are many other choices for you,offering discount hot air balloon rides.

Taking a ride in a hot air balloon, if not on your ‘bucket list’ will be a very special occasion, so we would like to take some time to convince you why we should be the company you choose.
Our company is not huge; we don’t fly all over the country in hot air balloons that resemble school buses, carrying dozens of passengers at a time.

We have a safety record that is second to none, and our training standards are high.
Our hot air balloons are constructed to carry smaller payloads, on average four passengers in each gondola. This is important, because it gives us the ability to converse with all our passengers, answering the many questions they have during flight, and pointing out places of interest.
Our owner is a pilot, not a business man, with many years of actual flying experience in the class of hot air balloons we use.

Does this make a difference to you? Yes it does, because the motivation we have is to offer you, our passenger, the best experience possible.

Our business is aviation, and we love what we do, our clarion call is ‘hot air balloon Toronto’.
We want you to be assured that the thrill of flight is something we’re excited about, and look forward to sharing every day.

If you want class, and personal attention, and are not satisfied merely with discount hot air balloon rides, then we are the company for you.

Sunset Balloons brings‘Hot air balloons to Toronto’

Our balloons have been called ‘flying billboards’ and offer a unique opportunity for exposure, since everyone looks up when we fly by. We have four placement areas for banners that are ‘HUGE’ (30 feet x 16 feet), they can be seen for miles.






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We fly with the light winds of the morning sunrise, or the evening  sunset. There’s nothing to compare with this experience.

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